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29 Apr 2013
As a possible Air Quality/Duct Cleaning specialist We are often consulted upon for my educational experience regarding indoor air quality issues. With all the advancements being manufactured in air filtration I am often requested my personal opinion on various filtration options info are electrostatic furnace filters. Like a duct cleaning technician myself, I am a strong advocate of electrostatic furnace filters. We have written a short introduction to the benefits of owning this type of filter -Savings: Electrostatic hvac filters may help keep heating components and A/C coils from being coated with dust. Dirt will be the #1 reason behind heating & air conditioning system failures, and a cleaner system also operates better which helps save cash both energy consumption and equipment repairs. Additionally, Electrostatic filters are permanent which help you save money on disposable filters. -Allergy Relief: Asthma, allergy and respiratory symptoms might be significantly reduced when experience dust, pollen, mold spores and animal dander is controlled from the electrostatic properties of the filters. -Housekeeping: Household dust will probably be collected for the electrostatic media in the filter if the furnace or A/C strategy is operating. More uncommon dusting would have been a welcome help to housekeeping. -Environmentally friendly: Electrostatic filters can be a permanent lifetime filter, you will no longer ought to toss out disposable filters each month in the landfill (The environment will cherish you for it) -Easy to keep: As an alternative to replacing your standard discard filter, an electrostatic filter simply needs to be cleaned periodically to achieve best filtration results and optimum furnace efficiency. Maintaining your Air plus your HVAC system clean: Having your duct system cleaned professionally is a vital section of dramatically helping the indoor air in your home. The addition of an increased duct cleaning ottawa performance air filter can provide benefits and intervals for duct cleaning. Electrostatic high end efficiency furnace filters removes dust, pollen, mold spores and animal dander since the air circulates using your central system. Clean, filtered air benefits the entire family. Children and also the elderly are most effected by indoor smog and definately will benefit greatly in the climate that exits using this filter.


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